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Understanding Place: GIS and Mapping Across the Curriculum



"Understanding Place holds essays by educators who describe GIS-based teaching processes, and how they impact liberal arts and sciences alike. These discussions include reviews of successes and challenges in bring[ing] GIS into the classroom, surveying mapping applications and how students use GIS. Any college-level collection strong in education or GIS applications needs this."

—The Midwest Book Review, January 2008

"What I find most useful and interesting about this book is the wide variety of voices, disciplines, and methods it presents, while maintaining a coherent focus on the role of maps and GIS in enhancing a university education."

—GIS Monitor, December 2007

"Just received a new title from ESRI Press titled ‘Understanding Place’ (by Diana Sinton & J. J Lund)- the book is focused on GIS and mapping in the curriculum. So far it looks simply amazing and I can’t put it down. . ."

—AnyGeo - Anything Geospatial, November 2007

"Understanding Place: GIS Mapping across the Curriculum is quite timely. As an explosion of internet mapping, virtual globes and downloadable geographic information is occurring around the world, all of us are increasingly struggling to make meaning of it all. We need to understand all these new sources of information, what they mean to us and how we can leverage them into making better decisions and increasingthe quality of our daily living. This book helps us to connect the random links of geography into the chains of geographic knowledge."

—Vector1Media, November 2007

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