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Placing History: How Maps, Spatial Data, and GIS Are Changing Historical Scholarship

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Over the past decade, historical GIS has emerged as a promising new methodology for studying history. In this companion piece to Past Time, Past Place, editor Anne Kelly Knowles presents a collection of case studies that illustrate how GIS technology can be utilized to reorganize and reevaluate historical data. Complete with a digital supplement, edited by Amy Hillier, Placing History is the perfect tool for engaging a classroom of young historians by demonstrating how GIS can be used to awaken the past.

Placing History includes a digital supplement CD–ROM containing ArcExplorer™ Java™ Edition for Education software, map layers, PowerPoint presentations, informational videos, and notes. The CD–ROM can be used as an instructor resource for classroom instruction.

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Anne Kelly Knowles is a historical geographer who teaches at Middlebury College. She has edited volumes of essays on historical GIS, including Past Time, Past Place: GIS for History (ESRI Press, 2002). Knowles is currently writing a book titled Hard as Iron: Geography, Labor, and Technology in the Struggle to Modernize the U.S. Iron Industry, 1800-1868.

Amy Hillier teaches courses on the application of GIS in city planning, urban studies, and social work at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Her research has focused on GIS applications in redlining and housing discrimination, affordable housing, and public health. Hillier has published articles in the Journal of Housing, Journal of Urban History, Journal of Planning History, and Pennsylvania History.

ISBN: 9781589480131    2008   336 pages   $49.95

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