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Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making

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In Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making, tribal leaders tell their stories about implementing and using geographic information systems (GIS) to address their unique challenges as sovereign Nations. This book covers applications in natural resources and the environment, transportation, cultural and historical preservation, economic development, health, education, public safety, and agriculture. Showing how tribal governments responsible for the stewardship of their land and resources and the health and well-being of their People use enterprise GIS to make decisions, Tribal GIS supports tribes new to GIS and those with GIS experience.

Tribal GIS is also available for purchase in our app (9781589483774, $59.99).

Anne Taylor is the lead of Esri’s Tribal GIS program.

David Gadsden coordinates the Esri NonProfit Organization Program.

Joseph J. Kerski is an education manager for Esri and is president of the National Council for Geographic Education.

Heather Warren is the marketing coordinator for the federal government industry at Esri.

ISBN: 9781589483200    2012   174 pages   $19.95

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