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Conservation Planning: Shaping the Future

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Conservation Planning: Shaping the Future is a collection of contributed chapters that show how working scientists develop conservation plans using the best available scientific methods, data, and technology. Bringing a conservation focus to land management and planning, the authors show how planners creating human developments can still preserve healthy ecosystems for native wildlife by protecting habitat for key species. The book includes discussions on umbrella species, terrestrial and aquatic habitat suitability, conservation linkages, population viability, site selection, land-use trends, climate-change trends, and decision making for long-term conservation planning. Conservation Planning: Shaping the Future is valuable for those interested in creating balanced and functional landscapes while preserving the natural environment.

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Lance Craighead, the executive director of the Craighead Institute, works to enable humans to coexist with other species in sustainable landscapes using the best available science and technology. He has a PhD in biological sciences from Montana State University.

Charles Convis, a field ecologist, is the Esri Conservation Program manager. He manages an international program providing geographic information system (GIS) software, hardware, training, and special support services to more than four thousand conservation organizations. He is also the founder of the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS), an international nonprofit organization of more than a thousand conservation professionals.

ISBN: 9781589482630    2013   440 pages   $119.95