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Cartography.: A compendium for modern map makers

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Publishing in January

Cartography: The Definitive Guide to Making Maps is a modern, visually compelling, comprehensive cartographic reference book that can be used by anyone required to make a map. By demystifying cartography and explaining the basic tenets of what makes a good map and how to creating one, this book focuses on the core question of why design matters from a standpoint of clear information. The authors debunk the myth that well-designed maps are just pretty maps. While a number of seminal texts on cartography exist are now dated, fail to adequately capture the changing nature of map-making, and are often written in a style unsuited to effective implementation and are targeted at those who seek a detailed exposition of cartographic theory, Cartography is written in an more broadly accessible manner, yet it upholds the goal of giving sound advice based on knowledge that translates into practical implementation. Even non-cartographers can take this book and use it to improve their own mapping.

An e-book of Cartography. The Definitive Guide to Making Maps (9781589485013, $99.99) will be available at most e-book retailers.

Kenneth Field and Damien Saunder have between them a wealth of experience from academia and commercial practice, and are award winners for both their own mapping and also their writing on maps. Their work has been recognized by numerous peer-reviewed bodies for its quality and this book will bring together their ideas for the first time. They are active in a wide range of societies and external bodies (International Cartographic Association, British Cartographic Society, North American Cartographic Information Society), have written and edited books and journals, papers and presented on cartographic design widely. This will be a landmark book that the authors are keen to ensure makes a strong statement about the value of mapping and the value of a designed approach to making maps in a contemporary setting.

ISBN: 9781589484399    2017   460 pages   $129.99

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