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Salton Sea Atlas

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The Salton Sea is a nexus of extraordinary social, political, and elemental forces. The diversity of competing interests in this unique Southern California ecosystem makes common understanding of the relationships among the natural environment, cultural context, and social values a paramount concern. Salton Sea Atlas is a comprehensive collection of maps and information about the Salton Sea, arranged with the intent to illustrate the environmental, cultural and ecological processes affecting the sea. Diagrams, text, photos, charts, and maps document the social and physical history of the area, as well as the current state of the surrounding region. Innovative tools and methods, including GIS, were used to communicate complex spatial relationships among principal factors influencing the sea. Researchers, scientists, and policy makers will use this information resource to make better-informed decisions about the fate of the sea and its natural environment. For the first time ever, Salton Sea Atlas presents an authoritative but accessible look at this unique inland sea—its physical geography, geological and cultural history, and fragile ecology.

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ISBN: 9781589480438    2002   140 pages   $79.95

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