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Cartographies of Disease: Maps, Mapping, and Medicine



"Koch’s text provides the historical perspective needed to understand the foundations of medical geographic inquiry. He also demonstrates how computational geographic approaches and phylogeography (among others) will relate to the future. These perspectives on medical geography are fascinating extrapolations beyond current GIS practices."

—The Professional Geographer

"It is rare to pick up a book that is so completely engaging and crosses so many disciplines and yet ties them together seamlessly. The illustrations in the book are wonderful, a treat by themselves. What Koch gives the reader at the end is a new way of seeing the world, a map of the limitless boundaries of the imagination."

—Dr. Abraham Verghese, author of My Own Country and The Tennis Partner

"What do early medical maps have to do with modern GIS maps? How can patterns of diseases from the past relate to those in modern times created by GIS? Dr. Koch is a geographer, bioethicist, and here explores relationships between medicine and mapmaking from paper-based to computer-based today. Chapters follow early epidemics, mapmaking processes and myths, public health and medical developments, and more as it examines those who made maps, cartography issues, and medical history. Plenty of charts and detail throughout."

—Midwest Book Review

"Tom Koch has written a memorable book about medical maps. He shows how maps of disease are a vital part of epidemiological argument, a necessary but not sufficient part of medical understanding: sometimes maps hide and mislead, other times they reveal and open doorways. An original, scholarly and critical view of the many roles of cartography and its potential."

—Professor Peter Haggett, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, author of The Geographical Structure of Epidemics

"Tom Koch has created a fascinating and well-written book on disease mapping that should be of interest to epidemiologists and other public health professionals. The sections on John Snow are especially insightful, merging history, cartography and epidemiology."

—Ralph R. Frerichs, Professor of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Public Health, author of the popular John Snow site

"This attractively written and beautifully presented book gathers together geography, history, epidemiology, and aspects of the philosophy of science into a treasure-house of information about how we come to understand the nature of disease. Accessible, endlessly fascinating, a book to be savoured and reread with delight."

—Professor Mildred Blaxter, University of Bristol

"...Koch has created a must-have manual to understand how public health officials have learned to use mapping to handle the fast-spreading diseases of recent history. This book is not light reading but Koch manages to make this highly technical material a page-turner, holding your interest like a mystery novel. I recommend Cartographies of Disease to anyone in health care who may help control the spread of disease someday."

—American Academy of Medical Administrators

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