Esri Press

Getting to Know Web GIS

by Pinde Fu
Paperback and Electronic: 392 pages
Published: 2015
ISBN: 9781589483842
eISBN: 9781589484030

Getting to Know Web GIS is a workbook, with detailed, step-by-step exercises, that teaches readers how to share resources online and build web GIS applications easily and quickly. It covers the Esri® suite of web GIS technologies, including ArcGIS® Online, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS for Server, web app templates, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, ArcGIS API for JavaScript™, the Collector for ArcGIS mobile app, ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Mobile, and 3D web scenes. You don't have to be a developer to build web apps. This book shows you how to build engaging web apps with little to no programming.


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