Below are extracts from a document titled DNR Vision Statement, Principles and Goals, by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The document contains three sections:

  1. A personal vision statement, including a mission statement and summary of guiding principles from the Commissioner of Public Lands
  2. A set of guiding principles for each department developed by Senior Management to provide direction to employees
  3. The five-year goals that determine priorities in daily work.

Sections 1 and 3 are provided below.

Vision statement

We will interest people in learning about and understanding the variety of resources that comprise our ecosystems;

Their interest and understanding will result in good decisions when making choices about the use and care of those resources; and

The decisions we make now about our management of our resources will not preclude certain choices for other generations, but will instead, assure that they have available to them the same kinds of resources, in better condition than we have now.

Our Mission

Guiding principles

(The document also includes guiding principles outlining what DNR believes to be important in the execution of its departmental responsibilities.)

Five-year goal statement

Our five-year goal is to ensure that the Department of Natural Resources is recognized as the agency of choice: