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In this exercise, you will see the relationship between map scale, minimum size of the mapped area, and error tolerance. You will go through the process of using error tables to determine the error tolerance, given the map scale and minimum area requirements for creating the requested information product.

Step 1 Determine minimum area to be mapped
The parks and recreation staff in your city are looking for a 25-acre site for a minor league baseball field and stadium.

Question What is the minimum size of the parcel in hectares that needs to be mapped? (2.471 acres = 1 hectare)
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Step 2 Identify map scale
Your city has three source maps for you to use: Parcels, Park and Recreation Facilities, and Slope. The map scale of the Parcels map is 1:5,000, the map scale of the Park and Recreation Facilities map is 1:24,000, and the map scale of the Slope map is 1:24,000.

Question Which source map will most accurately show the smallest areas?
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Question What scale will you need to identify possible sites for the baseball field?
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Step 3 Determine the appropriate error table to use
Review the two error tables below.

Question Which error table should you use to find sites for the baseball field?
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Step 4 Estimate error tolerance
Using the table you chose in step 3, estimate the error tolerance for the maps of the proposed baseball stadium sites.

Question What is the estimated error tolerance?
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