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In this exercise, you will again examine the relationship between map scale, minimum area to be mapped, and error tolerance. You will use error tables to determine the map scale, given the error tolerance, and minimum area requirements for producing the requested information product.

Step 1 Determine minimum area to be mapped
One of your information products is a statewide map showing water bodies. The map needs to show lakes larger than 25 acres, reservoirs larger than 25 acres, and playas larger than 50 acres.

Question What is the minimum size water body in hectares that needs to be mapped to create this information product?
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Step 2 Determine percent error in area
The information product description for the statewide water body map requires that the area of the water bodies being mapped needs to be accurate to within +/- 1 hectare.

Using the minimum area to be mapped from step 1, determine the percent error in area that is acceptable.

Question What is the acceptable percent error in area?
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Step 3 Determine which error table to use
Review the two error tables below.

Question Which table should you use to find the appropriate scale for mapping the water bodies?
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Step 4 Determine the map scale
Using the table you chose in step 3, determine the smallest map scale to produce the water bodies information product.

Question What is the smallest map scale that should be used?
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