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You are currently working in the Tax Assessor's Office and have your parcel maps and attributes about owners and assessed value stored in a GIS utilizing a relational database model.

In this exercise, you will use the relational database model, including a data layer, tables, and linkages between them, to answer queries on the database for one of your customers. The data layer and tables to be used for the exercise are shown below.

Step 1 Select and display parcels using one criterion
Question How many parcels are less than 1/3 acre? Hint: 1 acre = 43,560 sq ft
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Question How could you display the parcels that are less than 1/3 acre on a map?
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Step 2 Select and display parcels using two criteria
Question How could you display all parcels owned by CDS Mortgage with an assessed value over $50,000?
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Step 3 Calculate assessed value
Question What is the total assessed value of the selected parcels from the last step?
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Step 4 Identify logical linkages
Question Which column allowed you to relate the Parcel table, the Owner table and the Assessed table to answer the questions above?
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