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In this exercise, you are responsible for traffic engineering in your city and have decided to use GIS to analyze alternatives for improving capacity. You have decided to use the object-oriented data model to develop your database.

The network you will be using is comprised of streets and intersections (a sample is shown below). The data available for each street segment are direction (one-way, two-way), capacity, and intersection at each end of the segment. The data available for each intersection are controls (straight, left-turn, right-turn, u-turn), capacity, average delay, and street segments connected to the intersection.

Step 1 Determine what object classes are needed
Question Using the object-oriented data model, what classes should you create to represent your street network?
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Step 2 Determine the attributes of each class
Question What are the properties, or attributes, of the street class?
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Question What are the properties, or attributes, of the intersection class?
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Step 3 Identify behaviors (methods)
Question What is a behavior or method that could be part of the objects used in this model?
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