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Cartographic Relief Presentation



"In the digital era, mapmakers produce 3-D images with a few keystrokes. Terrain is routinely photographed by satellites. With holographic film and laser optics, virtual landscapes can be created in minute detail, and even viewed from the inside out. Yet Imhof’s reliefs remain so compelling that information specialists such as Edward Tufte still turn to Imhof for guidance."

—Architect Magazine

"Swiss Cartographer Eduard Imhof’s classic Cartographic Relief Presentation was first published in Deutsche in 1965. It was translated to English 25 years ago, but has remained difficult to find since going out of print. Teaching at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, his teachings and the contents of the book remain useful to present day cartography students and anyone interested in representing terrains truly. This book breathes passion and knowledge in depth of coverage and is filled with insight every bit as relevant today as it was when first written. There are very few books that cause me to read in awe, ponder quietly in appreciation and realize just how significant other hard work, perception of the world and their passionate devotion to their profession can be. This is one of them."


"A new edition of Swiss cartographer Eduard Imhof's classic provides new audience with a title last published 25 years ago and long out of print. It first provides a historical overview of cartographic relief, discussing early symbols of mapping, teaching techniques in symbology and drawing, and discussing relief features. The 1982 edition was expensive to produce and thus limited: this new volume is affordable and true to its original edition, editing text for clarity and making only minor changes. Any college-level library strong in cartography must have this."

–Midwest Book Review