Esri Press

Land Administration for Sustainable Development



"Also a top reference is Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace and Abbas Rajabifard's LAND ADMINISTRATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (9781589480414, $49.95), a survey of keys to designing, building and managing land administration systems for better sustainable development policies. College-level collections strong in resource allocation, economic development and environmental design will find this a key to urban planning, making choices and implementing controls, and more. Packed with color illustration and in-depth, real-world scenarios, it's a winner."

—The Midwest Book Review, The Library Reference Shelf, March 2010

"Land Administration for Sustainable Development, which is published by ESRI Press, seems destined to be the defining text book on land administration matters for the next decade."

—Spatial Business News 371; Vol 16; Issue 2; 29 January 2010

"This book opens the door to understanding the differences among people, regions and countries through the evolution of their land administration systems. It explains how the dots can be connected between places and how basic elements of land administration transcend places and are common among all people. Land Administration for Sustainable Development is a must read in my view. It is rich in land administration- sustainability information and knowledge. This book contains valuable information for establishing the land administrations leading toward a sustainable tomorrow."

—V1 Magazine, December 2009