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The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 1: Geographic Patterns and Relationships

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The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 1, demonstrates how geographic analysis with GIS can identify patterns, relationships, and trends that lead to better decision making. Using examples from various industries, this book focuses on six of the most common geographic analysis tasks: mapping where things are, mapping the most and least, mapping density, finding what is inside, finding what is nearby, and mapping what has changed. Written for both new and experienced GIS users, this book builds a foundation of the basic tasks needed to handle a wide range of analysis applications.

The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 1 is also available as an e-book (ISBN 9781589482944, $29.99) and can be purchased at most e-book retailers.

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Andy Mitchell is the author of The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics and Zeroing In: Geographic Information Systems at Work in the Community.

ISBN: 9781879102064    2001   190 pages   $34.95