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Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections, Second Edition

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Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections is an easy-to-navigate troubleshooting reference for any GIS user with the common problem of data misalignment. Complete with full-color maps and diagrams, this book presents practical techniques on how to identify data projections, create custom projections to align data, and solve common data alignment problems. The second edition is compatible with ArcGIS® 10.1 and includes new sections on aligning CAD data and appropriate use of the web Mercator projection. This book will benefit new and experienced GIS users alike.

Lining Up Data in ArcGIS is also available for purchase as an e-book (9781589483439, $16.99) at most e-book retailers.

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Margaret M. Maher is a veteran member of Esri's support services team. She has helped resolve more than 12,000 incidents involving problems with map projections and data conversions. She has written numerous articles about ArcGIS® for Desktop for Esri's Support Services Knowledge Base.

ISBN: 9781589483422    2013   200 pages   $24.95