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Citizen Planners: Shaping Communities with Spatial Tools

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Citizen Planners: Shaping Communities with Spatial Tools describes how geographic information systems can be made accessible to ordinary citizens with little or no professional training to help plan and shape their local communities. The book focuses on the efforts of a group of Wisconsin citizens from all backgrounds who pushed for legislation that resulted in the GIS-based Wisconsin Land Information Program. The authors share the ideas, observations, experiences, and outcomes from this comprehensive effort showing readers what methods could be applied in their own geographic, political, and cultural environments.

The book also describes Planning Analyst, a set of off-the-shelf technology-based tools and procedures, that provide citizen planners the ability to explore information about their environment and society, analyze factors relevant to choices about land and its uses, allocate land for different uses in the future, and evaluate the impact of allocations. Citizen Planners encourages and shows citizens and citizen-action groups how to make use of geospatial tools to effectively engage in the land-use planning, design, and management process.

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Bernard J. Niemann Jr. is an emeritus professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a past chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture, and past director of the land information and computer graphics facility. He with others created and taught the first GIS interdisciplinary course, and computerized land information systems and created a GIS-based site analysis. He cofounded and coedited the Journal of the Urban and Regional Systems Association.
D. David Moyer is an honorary fellow in the Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is chief executive officer and senior consultant for D.D. Moyer & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in supporting LIS/GIS and land title systems internationally and conducts economic studies that use geospatial systems.
Stephen J. Ventura is a professor of environmental studies and soil science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is director of the UW Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility, a GIS research and technology transfer laboratory.
Richard E. Chenoweth is an environmental psychologist with years of experience in the field of landscape aesthetic analysis. He is a nationally recognized authority on landscape aesthetics and visual resource quality assessment.
Douglas A. Miskowiak is the GIS education specialist with the GIS Center at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, College of Letters and Science. He administers the center’s GIS certificate program and instructs more than 200 students annually in GIS.

ISBN: 9781589482883    2010   393 - digtial pages   $19.99