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Faithfully and Liberally Sustained: Philanthropy in Redlands

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Redlands, known as the jewel of Southern California’s Inland Empire, has prospered as the result of a strong tradition of civic responsibility. Faithfully and Liberally Sustained presents this rich tradition through stunning historical photographs, engaging narrative, and compelling commentary from citizens who continue to serve the community. Redlands archivists Larry E. Burgess and Nathan D. Gonzales vividly recount the stories behind the cultural, educational, and charitable gifts that make Redlands a testament to the continuing spirit of philanthropy. As Redlands philanthropist Clarence White warned, "No town can live by taxes alone." Through tales of endless commitments of time, heart, and will, Faithfully and Liberally Sustained celebrates all that makes Redlands "a good place to live."

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Larry E. Burgess, a product of Redlands public schools, graduated from University of Redlands in 1967 and earned a PhD in history in 1972 from Claremont Graduate University. He is currently director of A. K. Smiley Public Library and serves as a University of Redlands trustee. A prolific writer, he is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Smileys, The Hunt for Willie Boy (with James A. Sandos), and With Unbounded Confidence: A History of the University of Redlands. In addition, Burgess teaches classes on regional history and the field of public history at University of Redlands and University of California, Riverside.
Nathan D. Gonzales is a native of Southern California. He completed his master’s and doctoral degrees at University of California, Riverside. Gonzales has served as associate archivist at A. K. Smiley Public Library since 1999. He has published many articles and books, including “Why Did We Lose our Wonderful Streetcars,” “Riverside, Tourism, and The Indian: Frank A. Miller and the Creation of Sherman Institute,” “Frank E. Brown, Herve Friend, and the Expansion of the Bear Valley Irrigation Company,” and Images of America: Redlands and Redlands in Transition: 1945-1980 (with Larry E. Burgess).

ISBN: 9781589482937    2010   124 pages   $1.99