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Understanding GIS, fourth edition: An ArcGIS® Pro Project Workbook

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Published in July 2018

The first single-project GIS textbook on the market, Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS® Pro Project Workbook, fourth edition, is an excellent resource for students and educators seeking a guide for an advanced, single-project-based course that incorporates GIS across a wide range of disciplines. It allows readers to progress through nine lessons using ArcGIS Pro software from Esri to find the best location for a new park along the Los Angeles River in Southern California.

Each exercise offers step-by-step instructions, graphics to confirm exercise results, and explanations of key concepts. The book includes access to ArcGIS Desktop software, which includes ArcGIS Pro. Project data—real data, all of it updated—is downloadable from the book's resource web page.

The e-book of Understanding GIS, 9781589485273, $79.99, will be available at most online book retailers. Note: Esri Press e-books do not include trial software. Instead, you can download the ArcGIS Trial at

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David Smith is the spatial instruction manager of the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of Redlands. He specializes in innovative curriculum design using geospatial technology, with a primary focus on the adoption of spatial thinking and GIS across the disciplines. He also conducts periodic workshops on desktop and Web GIS, mobile mapping, GPS, and visualization applications.
Nathan Strout is the director of spatial technology for the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of Redlands. Strout is a GIS educator, researcher, and developer with a passion for effective communication and decision-making through the use of geospatial technology and GIS.
Christian Harder is a technology writer and information designer at Esri. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books on GIS, including The ArcGIS Book (Esri Press, 2017) and The ArcGIS Imagery Book (Esri Press, 2016).
Dr. Steven Moore is the director of the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of Redlands. In that role, he oversees spatial research, instruction, fund development, and operational support activities.
Tim Ormsby is a technical writer at Esri and has created and contributed to ArcGIS training courses for both the classroom and online learning. Ormsby coauthored Esri Press's best-selling workbook Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop (2010).
Thomas Balstrøm is an associate professor in geoinformatics at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources Management, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has MSc and PhD degrees in physical geography focusing on GIS and land evaluations. Currently, his research is on storm water screening of urban and rural areas.

ISBN: 9781589485266    2018   414 pages   $79.99