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Switching to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap

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Publishing in February 2019; e-book available in January 2019

The arrival of ArcGIS Pro has brought a challenge to ArcMap users. The new software is sufficiently different in architecture and layout that switching from the old to the new is not a simple process. In some ways, Pro is harder to learn for ArcMap users than for new GIS users, because some workflows have to be unlearned, or at least heavily modified. Current ArcMap users are pressed for time, trying to learn the new software while still completing their daily tasks, so a book that teaches Pro from the start is not an efficient method.

Switching to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap aims to take a user who is familiar with GIS and ArcMap to quickly transition from one to the other. Rather than teaching Pro from the start, as for a novice user, this book focuses on how Pro is different from ArcMap. Covering the most common and important workflows required for most GIS work, it leverages the user’s prior experience to enable a more rapid adjustment to Pro.

The e-book of Switching to ArcGIS Pro from Arcmap, 9781589485457, $49.99, will be available at most online book retailers.

Maribeth H. Price, PhD, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, has been using Esri products since 1991, teaching college GIS since 1995 and writing textbooks utilizing Esri’s software since 2001. She has extensive familiarity with both ArcMap/ArcCatalog and Pro, both as a user and in the classroom, as well as long experience writing about GIS concepts and developing software tutorials. She teaches GIS workshops, having offered more than 100 workshops to over 1,200 participants since 2000. In 2018, she taught six one-day workshops on the theme of this book, and has tested the draft book in two of them.

ISBN: 9781589485440    2019   200 pages   $49.99