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Esri Map Book, Volume 34

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Publishing in August 2019

Every year, works of mapmakers from around the world are selected for the Esri Map Book to demonstrate how geographic information system (GIS) technology helps our governments, businesses, and citizens. Esri Map Book, Volume 34, continues this tradition, showcasing maps and applications that use ArcGIS to evaluate the sustainability of resources, determine efficient transportation routes, mitigate the effects of natural disasters, and much more. Each map or application incudes a description of its purpose and how it was produced. Esri Map Book, Volume 34 is an important collection of maps for GIS users, cartographers, collectors, and map libraries.

Map authors from organizations around the world were selected to contribute to this Esri map book. The maps are chosen from submissions displayed at the 2018 Esri International User Conference and other sources. Contributors come from various industries such as conservation, government, natural resources, sustainable development, tourism, and utilities.

ISBN: 9781589485419    2019   180 pages   $24.99