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Lindsey the GIS Professional

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Published in May 2020

Lindsey loves mapping! Follow along as she collects information about the world around her to make a map of her favorite park.

The first in a STEAM career-themed picture book series, Lindsey the GIS Professional describes what it’s like to work with a geographic information system (GIS). Lindsey explains the information needed to make a map and how to collect it. Then she shows how to take all that information to create a map of her favorite park. Perfect for encouraging spatial thinking! GIS is key to STEAM learning—spatial analysis and critical thinking skills in K-12 students better prepare them for success, especially in science, engineering, and mathematics.

For grades 1-5. Includes a glossary.

The STEAM at Work! series brings awareness to exciting, fun STEAM careers and opens children up to new ideas for channeling their passions. Each book demonstrates different environmental and social issues the characters use their skills to solve, encouraging critical and creative thinking.


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A Spanish edition of this book, Lindsey La Profesional de SIG, is also available for preorder/purchase here.

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Tyler Danielson, GISP, is a GIS professional for the Upper Midwest regional infrastructure engineering firm Bolton & Menk, Inc. He has nearly 10 years of experience on a variety of GIS projects including production mapping, emergency response analysis, LiDAR analysis, remote sensing, orthorectification, georeferencing, and developing mapping products and public and online engagement tools. Tyler authored Lindsey the GIS Professional as a part of Bolton & Menk’s children’s book series. His goal with Lindsey was to increase awareness of the benefits the profession provides to the public and share his love of GIS and mapping with an audience of future potential GIS professionals. 

ISBN: 9781589486126    2020   24 pages   $7.99