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Delivering Water and Power: GIS for Utilities

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E-book published in February 2021; print book published in March 2021

Modernize workflows, create actionable data, reduce costs, and prepare for new challenges.

Location is at the core of many utilities’ daily and long-term planning, but it’s about more than making a map. It’s improving the reliability of your water and energy infrastructure by reducing service interruptions. It’s using data analysis to make informed operational decisions, both in the office and in the field. It’s strengthening your network safety and security while increasing customer satisfaction.

With advancements in smart technologies, location intelligence for utilities management is not just for GIS specialists. In Delivering Water and Power: Applying GIS for Utilities, see how public and private utilities around the world have implemented geographic information systems (GIS) to visualize and analyze data for situational awareness, operational efficiency, and asset management.

In this collection of case studies and “how to” guidance, learn about how GIS was used to:

• Protect customers in Denver through an innovative lead reduction program

• Streamline asset inspections in the UK

• Improve emergency response efforts in Puerto Rico

• Increase solar energy potential and adoption in Dubai

Through web apps, online maps, dashboards, and other GIS solutions, utility professionals develop a deeper understanding of network maintenance and performance within a real-world context, increasing operational flexibility, creating a safer environment for workers, and raising customer satisfaction.

Discover how GIS and location intelligence modernize utility infrastructure and operations for improved service delivery and management with Delivering Water and Power: Applying GIS for Utilities.

The e-book for Delivering Water and Power: Applying GIS for Utilities., 9781589486768, $19.99, is now available at most online retailers.

Keith Mann is a product engineer for Esri Press. He works with internal and external authors to shape their expertise and ideas into books that showcase their work and promote the power of spatial thinking using maps and GIS. 

Pat Hohl is Esri’s Director of Electric Industry Solutions. He oversees the planning and execution of Esri’s go-to-market strategies in the electric utility industry, primarily in the U.S.A. Hohl was a pioneer in the use of GIS for electric utilities. He has a broad business background with over 35 years of progressive experience in engineering, technology, operations, and executive management. 

ISBN: 9781589486751    2020   150 pages   $19.99