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Women and GIS, Volume 3: Champions of a Sustainable World

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E-book publishing in May 2021; print book publishing in June 2021

Impressive stories of women using geospatial technology to create sustainable solutions for problems that face the world.

The third volume in the Women and GIS series shows how 31 diverse women in various STEM fields discovered their passion, broke down barriers, and used maps, analysis, imagery, and geographic information systems (GIS) to advance their fields and improve the world. Sharing their experiences from childhood and throughout their careers, each woman reveals her journey in an inspiring recollection of the obstacles she has overcome, the knowledge she has gained along the way, and how tenacity and determination have helped her succeed. Each woman shares tips and words of wisdom that she's gained along the way, including: 

Featuring strong, persevering women from around the globe, the stories found in Women and GIS, Volume 3: Champions of a Sustainable World will inspire readers who are developing their own life stories to strive for success and achieve amazing accomplishments.

The e-book for Women and GIS, Volume 3: Champions of a Sustainable World, 9781589486386, $19.99, will be available at most online retailers.

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ISBN: 9781589486379    2021   320 pages   $19.99